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Hotel managers join together to bring real hospitality back for guests

Posted on October 19th, 2016 by Chris

Naples, FL 2016 – Technology has made our lives so much easier in many ways, yet in some other ways it is denying us real, personal experiences and relationships. Reinvigorating the relationship between a guest and the luxury hotel they have selected is what hotel veterans at the Greatest Hotels Group are doing with the new luxury hotel & resort site GreatestHotels.com.

“We’re a group of hospitality professionals and not only have we studied the industry, but we know what we want when we travel—something exceptional,” says site founder and hospitality veteran Dwight Gould, “staying at a great hotel with committed hospitality experts in charge, can be a very memorable experience.”

The value of the GreatestHotels.com site hinges on the member hotels’ motivation to delight guests and build loyalty.

“Staying at a hotel is a very personal experience, you need to feel the manager and staff are really looking out for you,” says Chris Cullen, President of Greatest Hotels Group, the company that developed the GreatestHotels.com site. “Based on hundreds of conversations with managers and owners and thousands of conversations with guests, we know that everyone is looking for the same thing—a very satisfied customer—and the hotel staff wants every opportunity to make that a reality.”

Bypassing the online travel agents, GreatestHotels.com puts the guest in the driver’s seat on more than just price, but on the relationship altogether. Joe McInerney, CHA, Emeritus president & CEO of the American Hotel & Lodging Association and president &CEO of McInerney Hospitality International LLC serves as the chairman of the Greatest Hotel Group’s advisory board and puts it this way, “the more our mangers know about their guests, their preferences and their expectations, the greater chance our guests can have a truly exceptional stay.”

GreatestHotels.com, is currently featuring exceptional Premier Collection Hotels California, Florida, Hawaii and Las Vegas 

The headquarters are in Naples, FL.


GreatestHotels.com is the first-ever commission-free online hotel and resort referral and reservation service built for the selective and seasoned traveler showcasing upscale hotel and resort properties and facilitating a productive customer relationship with the hotel management. The site is a product of the Greatest Hotels Group.