Why book here?

GreatestHotels.com has been created for all the travelers who demand more than just a great price, but a great hotel experience, and here we can introduce you to those who are committed to providing it all at some of the world’s most sophisticated and accommodating hotels.

Our hotel members have joined GreatestHotels.com to demonstrate to guests the power of real hospitality to satisfy and delight customers. Recently mega-agencies online have created a kind of monopoly of Internet hotel bookings, putting agency profits before guest experiences. We are disrupting that digital middleman model and offering guests and hotel management the opportunity to return to real hospitality, and great hotel stays.

The hotels that are showcased here will give guests what they are looking for, and so much more, because a great hotel experience requires a personal and professional commitment to anticipating and over-delivering on customer expectations.

Put our members to the test, we have, and we are confident you will become loyal guests and frequent visitors to GreatestHotels.com.

We look forward to hearing about your stay.

Chris Cullen


Greatest Hotels Group

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will the guests find the site?

By grouping the hotels together by style and amenity, Greatesthotels.com has a digital advantage in search engine marketing and optimization. The site already has a strong organic search position, once completely populated it will compete in search results with the biggest online travel agents.

How does it work?

Hotels that become members will have their participating properties feature images of room types and exteriors, as well as amenities, all searchable by location, amenity and hotel type. Once a potential guest selects a hotel worth considering, they will be given the opportunity to book at the hotel site, or on the hotel reservation line.

Are the rooms more expensive?

No. At Greatesthotels.com we respect the intelligence of the hotel consumer and the professionalism of the hotel staff, and we believe they will come to the appropriate price agreement without our interference.

Is it like Expedia, or Trivago or Priceline?

No. These are Online Travel Agencies. Hotels sell a limited inventory of DEEPLY DISCOUNTED rooms in bulk to these resellers and they in turn sell them to guests and take SIGNIFICANT COMMISSIONS. All the inventory that is available at the hotel is available at Greatesthotels.com because the booking is happening at the hotel.

What exactly is GreatestHotels.com?

GreatestHotels.com is a website that will host images and information for thousands of hotel rooms of many different kinds across the country for travelers seeking exceptional hospitality.

Is it a reservation site?

No, no reservations will be made on the greatesthotels.com site. Greatesthotels.com is a referral site; all reservations will be handled by the selected hotel’s booking engine online or at the hotel reservations line.

What kind of hotels will be featured?

The site will feature more than 4100 4- and 5-star luxury hotels from major brands and also independent hotels, that all provide exceptional guest experiences. Hotels that choose to pay a small monthly subscription become members of the Premiere Collection offering exclusive amenities to Greatest Hotels Guests.

Does it cost the hotel guest?

It is free. There is no charge to the guest, it is an absolutely free service.